About Us

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Mission Statement:

The mission of SugaSuga Kids is to serve under privileged children and teens by organizing events that offer education and exposure that they would normally not have access to. We aim to assist their parents with Christmas gift so that each child experiences the joy of the holiday seasons. Our Toy Drive. Field Trips. volunteer and events foster positive self esteem and teach new skills to the youth we serve.

About Us:

SugaSuga Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving under privileged children. Our founder Triniti Chitman at the age of 4 wanted all children to receive a toy at Christmas. That desire birth a Christmas Toy Drive that has collected and distributed over 10,0000 toys to children in the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex.  In addition to the annual toy drive we host field trips, volunteer opportunities and other activities that offer exposure and positive experiences to children and teens in underserved communities.


                                                        Triniti Chitman-Ceo